Final E-journal Entry


As a future educator, this course taught me a lot of things and equipped me with knowledge that will make me become a better teacher.  It taught me that as a teacher one should be able to reflect to know where, how and what to improve in their teaching strategies that will help them make a better learning experienced to their students. It shows me that I should not the only one to know and be the only source of knowledge but must be a facilitator that lets my future student be part of the learning process.  That in learning, student must not fell burdened but as much as possible enjoy their learning experienced.

Furthermore, as a teacher that is task in molding an individual it is my duty to enhance what I know and continue to acquire new knowledge through Continuous Professional Development and Professional Learning Community. In the 21st century, wherein new technology is emerging and continuously emerging, it is beneficial to use and incorporate this tools in my teaching in order for the students to grasp and understand the lesson well and have enjoyable learning experienced.


Final E- Journal

Having been part of this course thought me a lot of things about human behavior. It teaches me with knowledge I will need in order to understand and be able to provide good learning experience to student that will be best suited to each individual differences in acquiring knowledge.

Understanding this theories of learning help me to understand individual preferences and that teaching is a complex matter that needs a thorough planning in order to promote student learning. It also help me to understand that learning is not only acquired by listening to our teachers but also through other people, our own experiences as well as own understanding. Learning is a continuous acquisition of new and modified knowledge that requires a life long understanding of the world we live in.

Thank you everyone for a fruitful semester and it was nice working and learning with you all.

Principle of Effective Teaching

Creativity requires a lot of efforts and critical thinking in order for it to be executed perfectly. It should be in a perfect timing. Creativity teaches us that not all things are boring for as long as we are enjoying what we are doing and we are having fun in the process.

Being a creative teacher, one will need to know the difference of their student, their background as well as the level of learning they can absorb and understand and be able to adjust without being centered only to one. Teachers should also be able to choose which will be effective to them. Creativity will help students visualize what they are learning us well as practically practice it. In this way, students learn a lot and the lessons will be retain longer compared to other.

Also, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) will be a lot of help in doing creative teaching and learning.  Through SoTL, effective teaching and students learning will be evident because we discover new ways that will improve our teaching and student learning through reflection and evidence- based models to research.



Epistemology is the theory of knowledge which investigates about the nature, sources, limitation and validity of knowledge. In the world of scientific studies, this theory of knowledge can be compared to proving a hypothesis. It needs a thorough investigation in order to determine if a certain hypothesis is true or may be proven to become a theory.  In search for truth and a sound theory, related literature and actual data are needed in order to prove it. It is an unending process in which after theory have been found true, another theory that is related to it will be discovered and also lead to another study that will add substantial information to the first theory. Although, there will be difficulties and failed experiments along the way, advantages and disadvantages will also be encountered. But eventually, in search for knowledge these hardships will be overcome and that hypothesis will be proven true and effective in the end.

Module 7: Successful Learning Journal

In our daily life, everything we do we learn something from scratch to complicated matters. From being a toddler to a child until we reached adulthood. We acquire enormous knowledge in these stages of our life. Same thing happens in a formal education setting, as soon as we step in the four corners of the classroom. It shapes us to be a better individual capable of doing and carrying ourselves in the difficulties of the real world. It equips us to become better individual and is may be one of the factors to our success in life.

How do we know if we truly have learned successfully? In a formal education we follow rules that to be able to pass we need a passing grade. In this process we sometimes tends to memorize what we are learning. But is this really what it means to be a successful learner? I think not. I just remember one of my teacher way back in college. We find her subject quite difficult so she gave us a clue on how we can understand the subject without even memorizing it. She said that we should learned by heart through this we can be able to write it or recite it without difficulties. She values quality of learning not of what we should be memorizing. Memorizing will only last sometime but by truly learning it by heart it can last for a lifetime.

Motivation is also important in successful learning. It makes learning fun as we look forward in learning something new. It makes us to easily understand what we are learning and keeps us going in times we find it difficult to move on and not being able to comprehend what we are learning.

Module 5 : Professional Development

In this world there is nothing permanent except change. As we grow, we constantly absorbed new information around us. We continuously learn inside and outside of school.   Our attitude, knowledge and everything about us changes as we go on in life. Same as in teaching profession. In school, teachers are trained as well as being prepared as they go on in their studies. But as soon as they graduate from school it is up to them on how they will managed to continuously improve what they know to effectively transmit the knowledge they had or what the student needed to learn in school. As a teaching professional, it is the duty of the teacher as well as the school administrator to constantly update their skills and knowledge to be at par with the continuously changing world.


Continues Professional Development  (CPD) such as training and seminars will help teachers learn new teaching method and strategies that will help them in their crafts.  Also this professional development may not be as formal as attending seminars and the like but it can also be done by teacher’s own reflection of their teaching, their co-teachers observation and contributions as well as the students assessment in class.  These can be valuable data that can help in teachers development. They can also learn the latest technology so that they can incorporate in their teaching to create a good learning environment for students. Continuous collaboration with colleagues, peer observation and reflection of one’s teacher method and strategies on teaching is also necessary in order for the teachers to effectively teach their student.

Module 6: Journal on Constructivist Theories

From the day we are born, massive knowledge are around us and we actively constructing our understanding of the world. As we grow our mind develop and we perceives things differently at different times or stages in our life. We evolve from a child learning new from our environment to an adult capable of reasoning.  As we mature, we continue to grow and construct knowledge either by adding information to what we already know or by creating new one if it does not fit with the knowledge we already have.

We develop these knowledge by exploring the things around us and finding out what they are meant for. Sometimes, we need help from our peers or to those people/individuals who in one way or another have much knowledge about that certain things we need to find out about.  For example in school we are expose to things that are new to us. As we go along with our schooling our teachers guide us in the things we do not know for us until the time we are ready to do the task on our own.

Same in life, people come and go in our life. Some will left footprints in our hearts. They will eventually teach you something about life either by hurting you, encouraging you or simply by being around us helping us in times of our need. These people are our more knowledgeable others (MKO) who help us in our zone of proximal development (ZPD) turning us to be a better person we can be.